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Dunorlan Boat house and quay

Boat Rental and Party Booking


The boats are available to hire for half-hour to an hour and offer a chance to get out on the water for a bit of fun, exercise or just to have a go at something different.  There are no age restrictions, but everyone under the age of 14, and all those going out in canoes will have to wear life jackets.

So for a great day out with your friends / family come and visit us!  Click here for pricing details and opening times


Price per 1/2  hour:


*Pedal Boats  ..... £10.00

*Rowing Boat  ..... £10.00

Single Canoe  ..... £5.00 

Double Canoe  ..... £10.00


Price per hour:

*Pedal Boats  ..... £15.00

*Rowing Boat  ..... £15.00

Single Canoe ..... £8.00

Double Canoe  ..... £15.00

We can take payment by card or cash


* Maximum 4 adults per boat

Boat Rental Pricing
Life Jackets are provided at no extra cost

Pick 'n' Mix Parties

Our Pick 'n' Mix Parties have proved more and more popular over the years with groups from different areas and backgrounds including:

  • Schools

  • Youth groups

  • Charities

  • Birthday Parties

We want to ensure you can get the most out of being at Dunorlan Park and by using our Pick 'n' Mix offering you can use any of the boats we have to offer. The Pick 'n' Mix parties are available Monday to Saturday and provided they are pre-booked they can take place outside of our usual working hours.

Great fun for any occasion, pricing starts from 20 people at £5.00 per person (minimum charge of £100 for a party). 

Get in touch to book your party.

Pick and mix parties
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